Benefits being a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)

As one of the most developed, safe and economically dynamic city-states in the world, Permanent Residency in Singapore has always been valued highly. In this post, let us look at some of the key benefits of Permanent Residency in Singapore. As a Singapore PR, you can: Live, enter and leave the country without having to

Are You Suitable to do Sales?

Sales career, a dream career for some and a terrible nightmare for others. So which is true for you? The GOOD NEWS is, you do not have to enter a sales job to find out what are your chances of success… we found our readers, You, a sponsorship to a USD$60 career assessment tool. POP7

Why make New Year Resolutions?

“New year, new me”, you have probably heard this phrase being used excessively by people all around you. What exactly does one hope to achieve by saying that? That’s when New Year’s resolutions comes in. A New Year’s resolution is a promise one makes for the new year, and the goal is to improve life

Benefits of Hobbies

  Many people find themselves stuck in a daily routine. Everything that happens daily seems to be like a broken record, repeating itself over and over again. Suddenly, life does not seem as exciting and as promising as they envisioned when they were a kid. Hence, in comes habits. Spending time doing something you enjoy

Financial Mistakes to avoid while in University

Finally, you’re going to university! After years of studying, this is probably the last stage of education before stepping into the working adult world. “If you want to earn a lot of money, get a degree!” I’m sure most of us hear this from our parents while growing up. You might be going to university

Are Foreigners Really Stealing Our Jobs?

In the past few decades, you might have heard of complaints from Singaporeans about how foreign talents are fighting against the locals and “stealing” our jobs. The complaints of the people is most prominent in 2011 general elections, where the ruling party has gotten the lowest votes for the first time in its history due

How To Work Remotely Efficiently

  Remote work certainly has its upsides; You can set your own boundaries, your own hours and build a perfect comfy office practically anywhere you want, of your own choosing. However, since you’re on your own, it can be tough to stay focused and get things done. Here are some ways to make sure you’re

Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking over our jobs?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robots seem to be everywhere these days, from self-driving cars to watching recommended YouTube videos based on predictive algorithms. The age of digital revolution is happening now. What everyone is curious, or worried about is, will AI rock our hold as leaders of this world? Exactly how much will robots affects

How to choose a part time job while schooling

Every school holiday, many students rush into the job market looking for a part-time job. Be it to splurge, or to save up to last through the next school term. Some students, however, do part-time job while schooling. Throughout the week, they will shuttle between school and work. Perhaps you have seen some of them and

5 Resume Writing Pointers

Your resume is a very important piece of document. In fact, it is your life thus far written on paper! This is why you must know exactly what to write in order to catch your potential employer’s attention. These are 5 Resume Writing Pointers that you must have before sending in your resume to the