5 Resume Writing Pointers

resume writing pointers

Your resume is a very important piece of document. In fact, it is your life thus far written on paper! This is why you must know exactly what to write in order to catch your potential employer’s attention. These are 5 Resume Writing Pointers that you must have before sending in your resume to the company of your choice.

1. The First Few Seconds

First impression counts, even in your resume! You have to keep in mind that your resume has very little time to impress your future employers. Therefore you should position it in a professional (no selfies photographs please!) and positive manner. Write about your skills and education in point form and elaborate how you had contributed to your previous employments (if any).

When you are stating why you left the previous job, be genuine and never say things like “I do not like my boss” as it will definitely portray you in a negative light. Therefore, make sure that your resume is concise and well structured. It will definitely take you to the next step.

2. Put Yourself in Your Future Employers’ Shoes

You should be doing some “Reverse Engineering” before any interview. Put yourself in the shoes of the employers searching for the “Perfect Candidate”. What would you then look out for from the great range of resumes sent to you? What kind of interview questions should you be asking to sieve out the best candidate?

Position your resume to answer those questions your potential employer has in mind might just give you the upper hand and lead you to being selected for the actual interview.

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3. Pay Special Attention to Your Qualifications

Whenever you want to get a job and start writing your resume you should make sure to focus on what is worth focusing on. Make sure you are specific about your qualifications because this is what your employer will pay attention to. It is also very important to prepare a cover letter in which you have to choose only 3-4 qualifications to present.

Choose the qualifications that fit the job description and ensure that you keep the presentation as precise as possible. The point is to convince the employer that you are the perfect candidate for the job upon reading those few lines.

4. Summarize Your Objectives in a Useful Manner

Whenever you decide to apply for a job, you should also take into account the necessity of a career summary. A summary is highly recommended for a successful application. Certainly, there are some exceptions to these rules as well, but you will likely know when that might be the case. In most circumstances, having a career summary works great. It is also important to consider the idea of having some sort of objective statements in the resume which will make your goal much clearer. Since the employer will be skimming through tons of resumes, make sure that yours stand out above the rest with a concise summary of your skills and objectives.

5. Increase Your Chances by Customizing Your Resume

Make sure you get a good understanding of the goals and the culture of the company offering the job you are applying for. It is only then that you will be able to customize your resume properly to fit for that specific job. You cannot just send the same resume to all the jobs you apply for. It is important that you take your time, be informed about the company, its goals and what they are looking for in a candidate that might become a future member of their team. Only then will you find the ideal way to write a successful resume for yourself.

Focusing on these 5 important Resume Writing Pointers when writing your resume will definitely get you the job you want!

Do not lose hope, just learn to invest time in yourself!

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