About Us

Who are we

SGCareerGuru.com was established to assist Singapore companies to shortlist candidates for their hiring process thereby sharing the workload for their Human Resource department. With our wealth of experience in selecting candidates, we can recommend to our clients with candidate that can best fit into the job requirements and work environment.

How we find you

Other than active headhunting for candidates via Linkedin, we also subscribe to various Singapore job portals. Using these job portals, we shortlist candidates’ resume, via the resume mining service and job posting services, based on the requirements given by our clients.

If you are suitable

Candidates who are shortlisted will have their resume submitted (contact details will be omitted due to PDPA reasons) to their potential hirer. To shorten the hiring time for all parties, we may submit your resume to more than one potential hirer for their consideration.

In the event that you are selected for an interview, we will seek your permission before releasing your contact detail to the hirer. Once the hiring obtain your contact detail, their HR department will make contact with you directly for an interview.

Do you need to pay us

Absolutely not. Our services are paid by your potential hirer. This service is absolutely FREE for you.

Value added services by us

To let your potential hirer have a better understanding of your character and personality traits, we may request you to complete a Personality Profile test (DISC). Once completed, we will submit the DISC report together with your resume for their consideration.

At the same time, if you are a non-Permanent Resident of Singapore, we may also arrange for you to attend our partner’s Zoom webinar to understand the complex issue on PR application. Attending this webinar will provide you with clarity on your chances to obtain Singapore PR in the future. This information is often requested by potential hirers in view of the limited quota to hire foreigners.

These services are complimentary from SGCareerGuru.com.

It is our mission to match you with the best employer.