How to choose a part time job while schooling

part time schoolEvery school holiday, many students rush into the job market looking for a part-time job. Be it to splurge, or to save up to last through the next school term.

Some students, however, do part-time job while schooling. Throughout the week, they will shuttle between school and work. Perhaps you have seen some of them and are already impressed by their time balancing act!

While most students grab the first job opportunity that becomes available to them, you should take the time to explore different options and determine which part time job can provide you not only with the best income, but at the same time build up a skill set that is useful for your future career.

Let us look at 3 considerations for a part time job.

Flexibility in Part-time Jobs

As a student, getting good results is your main priority and any other activities usually holds less importance compared to your studies. A part time job with tons of flexibility not only allows you to juggle between work and school easily, it also gives you the opportunity to practice your time management skills.

A fixed hour part-time job restricts time for revisions and projects. It might even require you to work during the examination period. These jobs are suitable only when you have a long period of break and can work regularly. Furthermore, these jobs typically would not last beyond one holiday and you will be on a job hunt again once the school term ends.

Skill Set Development

skill development

I had the opportunity to speak to a few University students. There was this one particular student who works as a part-time waiter in a French restaurant.

“Do you want to be a waiter after graduation?” I asked him.

I guess you can imagine his facial expression upon considering working as a waiter for the rest of his life after getting a degree.

You probably would have understood why I asked that question. If he does not intend to be a waiter after graduation, why not choose a part-time job where he can consider both as a potential career and learn something relevant?

I understand that not everyone’s dream jobs will have a part time position. However, do try your best to get a part time job that is both enriching and able to provide personal development opportunities.


There are 2 broad types of income that you can explore, namely Fixed Income or Variable Income. Sometimes you can find jobs with a mix of both too.

Most part time jobs are based on a fixed income, e.g. $8/hr. This is the exact meaning of “selling your time for money”. For a fixed income job, how much you can earn is pretty much fixed. Jobs that pay a flat rate for students are usually menial work with little personal development.

On the other hand, there are some jobs that pay a variable rate, e.g. commission, on top of a fixed rate. If you are the kind of person that is extremely motivated to earn as much money as possible during your break regardless of the work, a commission-based job is worth considering. Of course, whether you are suitable for these kind of work largely depends on your personality.

Sometimes, I feel that jobs with a variable component can be more motivating and pushes the limits of your creativity in problem solving. If you are entrepreneurial by nature, why not consider jobs that pay this way.part time job featured

I hope by reading this article, you can have a better idea on how to choose a part time job while schooling or during your holidays. Time is precious, use it wisely.


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