Benefits being a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)

As one of the most developed, safe and economically dynamic city-states in the world, Permanent Residency in Singapore has always been valued highly. In this post, let us look at some of the key benefits of Permanent Residency in Singapore.

As a Singapore PR, you can:

  1. Live, enter and leave the country without having to apply for separate Singapore visas to work or travel
  2. Include your spouse and unmarried children under 21 in the PR application. If your children are school-aged, they are high on the priority list, behind citizens, to enter public schools
  3. Apply for long-stay visas for your parents to be with you or take care of your children in Singapore
  4. Change jobs freely without having to re-apply for a Singapore work permit. If you hold a work-related Singapore visa and want to change jobs, you’ll have to cancel your old Singapore visa and reapply for a new one at the risk of delay or rejection
  5. Reap the financial and tax benefits provided by Singapore’s Central Provident Fund (CPF) scheme. Under the CPF scheme, you and your employer contribute a monthly amount to your CPF fund. The money saved in your CPF can be used for purposes related to health care, home-ownership, family protection and growing your assets
  6. Apply and get a higher priority to borrow various loans, such as housing loans to purchase property. Singapore PR holders are also eligible to buy resale units of government HDB flats
  7. Be eligible to apply for full Singapore citizenship after a number of years of having permanent residence status, in which you will be able to obtain a Singapore passport and enjoy the same rights as locally-born citizens

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