How To Work Remotely Efficiently


Remote work certainly has its upsides; You can set your own boundaries, your own hours and build a perfect comfy office practically anywhere you want, of your own choosing. However, since you’re on your own, it can be tough to stay focused and get things done.

Here are some ways to make sure you’re working efficiently, and not procrastinating your time away when there is no one to hold you accountable.

1. Create a defined workspace

Select a spot where you’ll commit to do all your work. That is to say, definitely do not choose your bed! Most people get too comfortable on their beds and tend to not focus on their work.

2. Invest in your surroundings

Decorate your work area. Buy some plants, brighten up the area, invest in a good desk and chair so that you’ll be comfortable while doing your work. Make your personal work space a place you’ll enjoy spending time in, only then will you be inspired to work efficiently there.

3. Don’t limit yourself to one place

Bored of working in your personal office? Step outside, get some work done in a cafĂ©. Enjoy the fresh air. Sometimes, different environments can give you new perspectives on the work you’re currently doing.

4. Place your phone far away!

Or separate your work phone from your usual phone. It’s easy to be distracted when social media is one click away. Using a work phone without these distracting apps would benefit your work.

5. Use time to your advantage

Some people are more efficient working after lunch, some are morning people. You know yourself best. When are you most productive? Use that to focus on your important projects to maximise efficiency.

6. Take care of yourself

Sleep well, eat well, exercise well. Remote work gives you the flexibility to plan your own schedule. Plan time for rest, and healthy food, or even a short exercise, say a walk around your block as you make a work call. Staying healthy will keep you motivated and less lethargic.

7. Set time boundaries

It’s easy for your work time to pass over to your leisure time, or vice versa, especially if you’re working at home. Make sure to separate them so that you’ll have a balance and not overwork yourself!

Hopefully some of these points help you stay focused and efficient while working remotely!

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