DISC Personality Profile Test

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DISC Personality Profile test is an assessment tool based on the research work of psychologist William Marston. His work then took shape and became a popular personality assessment tool by industrial psychologist Walter Vernon Clarke. The assessment tool has been used for various real-life situations.

For many multi-national companies, it is a way to screen their potential employees, with the belief that certain personality type would be better for certain jobs or positions.

His theory focuses on 4 different personality profiles, namely:

Emphasis is on shaping the environment by overcoming opposition to accomplish results.

Emphasis is on shaping the environment by influencing or pursuading others.

Emphasis is on cooperating with others within existing circumstances to carry out the task.

Emphasis is on working conscientiously within existing circumstances to ensure quality and accuracy.


The purpose of knowing your DiSC profile is to help you understand yourself better. The profile provides a framework increasing your knowledge of your unique behavioral pattern. The goal of this practical approach is to help you create an environment that will ensure your success. At the same time, you will gain an appreciation for the different motivational environments required by other behavioral styles.

Knowing your profile type can also assist you to identify the best industry that you should be in. Take a look at the chart below.

DISC careerDoes it mean that you will not be successful when placed in an industry that mismatch your profile? Probably not. However, it will just mean that you will experience more stress as you are stretching beyond your natural character to perform your job duties.

Therefore knowing your profile is absolutely important before choosing an industry to start your career. Test your test today and understand your personality type and what kind of career will suit you best.